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February 4, 2008
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Atheism and Coffee... by MuseSusan Atheism and Coffee... by MuseSusan
DISCLAIMER: I am a very passionate atheist, and I love to argue philosophy and religion. Nevertheless, I try very hard to avoid starting conflicts, and in general I don't pick religious fights or arguments unless someone starts them first. Thus far my DeviantArt gallery has been totally free of controversial images, and I'd like to keep it mostly that way. If you came here for the insects and flowers, don't worry, there are plenty more coming. I don't intend to offend anybody with this, but it's definitely a piece of my art, however simple, and I want to share it.

Whew, that's over with. Anyway, this is just a little image I cooked up, somewhat inspired by the title of a blog I ran across, and my random musing on the things atheism and coffee have in common: they can both be addictive, some people don't like them, they come in different flavors, they both keep me awake at night, they both help me get up in the morning… I liked those last two so much I thought they'd be good on a t-shirt, so I drew this little design in Photoshop. The "A" on the mug is the "Scarlet A" of the Out Campaign, which has grown on me a bit as a symbol since it was first proposed.

Anyway, this was fun, and I need to get back in the habit of drawing things in Photoshop, so I might make a little series of these. I already have another idea: "Atheism and chocolate: two things that are good for the soul."

EDIT: Oops! I forgot to plug Friendly Atheist Forums, the messageboard of the Friendly Atheist, where I got the idea. I invite everyone to check it out, join, and jump in on the discussions--theists included!

(I meant to plug it anyway, but now I really have to since Hemant was kind enough to plug my picture!)
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i do not really respect atheists,to say the answer to every thing is 'SCIENCE' without a semi rational grates on my nerves, without a God where did the matter that created the universe come from. What about natural and scientific laws, if everything comes from something what about the universe or life itself .
Religion is overrated anyway
death-by-crackmonkey Aug 5, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
lol love this i love a good arguement too, i had a funny incident at school once my friend found out i was athiest and 4 sum reason he told a teacher nearby the teacher came up to me slapped me on the 4head and said be healed! lol
I hate coffee, but I like this picture.
Considering that intelligence (and information) and just the electrical connections in our neurons, in our brain, (and so information can be destroyed, as it doesn't exist as it is considered to be so when stating that phrase and meaning it), and our cells, everything in fact, is made of atoms (which are in themselves electrical, purely), then to me, it is concievable for the possibility that an eletrical "cloud" of sorts, could form and mimic, copy, or even have, the intelligence of which we know of.

This could be called the soul.

It's conceivable, but I just don't think that it's real.

I say this is why I don't consider the soul to be Spiritual, or, if after some philosophy again and find Spirituality to feasible; Religious, in the sence of an actual God outside our personal mind.

I am an atheist.

FlutterBOSS Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Planken May 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
hmm. both taste good.
wolverinelg Apr 17, 2011
Thank you
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